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Mr. Joseph W. Peel


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Elizabeth City, NC



June 19, 2014

Re: WWII lend-lease aircraft crash



Dear Mr. Peel,


My addressing you stems from the fact that two our cities appeared related through a WWII accident.


11 January 1945 Catalina PBN-1 02915 aircraft crashed on take off from the Elizabeth City, NC (and sank in Pasquotank River) on its route to Habbaniah, Iraq (the first leg of the lend-lease ferry route). Five deaths were registered at Nixonton, Pasquotank County.


Among those above was a Russian pilot, Odessa citizen Captain Vladimir (Valentin) M. Levin.


We have got a copy of his death certificate (issued by the North Carolina State Board of Health on February 9, 1945) from the US National Archives.


The World-Wide Club of Odessites would highly appreciate if you could provide any material (photos, news-reel, media publications, etc.) or any other kind of information as to this matter.


In view of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the WWII end (2015) we are now in the process of arranging some publications and videos featuring our heroic fellow-citizens. It would certainly be of great help if you could arrange some views of Nixonton (old and modern ones) that could have been related to the accident in question.



Leonid Roukman


World-Wide Club of Odessites