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Welcome to the World-Wide Club of Odessites!

Nice to meet you! Please do come in! The World-Wide Club of Odessites welcomes to its site!

Never heard of us? We pity you; let us help you - click and find yourself in the most beautiful, fabulous and breath-taking Black Sea port-city Odessa. You are not sure still? Let us tell you this: if it were not the case the Odessa fellow-countrymen clubs all over the world, of which the Odessa one is the first and foremost, would be doomed to be babe unborn.

We originated as far back as 1990 – and we are still alive, and smiling, and going strong.

All sides of life are represented here: a Book-Shelf is prolific with original Odessa and Odessa-related literature, leaving aside masterpieces of printing – art and photo albums where its faded glory is preserved and the new-born image is reflected. Exhibitions of Odessa painters and photo art experts follow one another in continuous and endless sequence arising keen interest and spirited discussions. Virtual tour of our premises is here.

Our “World-Wide Odessa News” quaterly newspaper is known and loved for its Odessa regional studies, publications on local history, literature pieces, and… of course, humor! Throughout its life history (since 1990!) the newspaper has been bringing to public’s attention the letters of those in quest for their lost relatives, or ancestors, or seeking to commemorate the names of decent people who helped them survive the cruelty of WWII. (Special inquiry application form is available here). A funny Fountain magazine is another edition stemming from our Club, as well as “Deribasovskaya – Rishel’evskaya” miscellany (since 2000).

Known to be humor metro city Odessa hosts an annual high tide wave of guests coming to celebrate the April 1 Laughter Day – when the World-Wide Club of Odessites, a throbbing core of all festivities and happenings, throws a huge press-conference. Another Open Door Day is always scheduled for September 2, Odessa birthday date.

The most recent accomplishment of our Club is a “They Are Imprinted into Odessa History” e-directory numbering over 5.000 electronic pages with 750 copyright articles and over 2.000 photos accompanying life stories of writers, musicians, painters, doctors, architects, etc. (50 odd texts are backed up by audio files – authentic singing, musical performance, and author-voiced texts). Unique views of past Odessa cannot but enchant. And the soundtrack… It appeals directly to your very inner self.

The project is aimed at preserving the Odessa cultural heritage. It is the latest e-book from the set of seven dealing with various sides of Odessa life (order e-book from

Isn’t that enough? If not - we’ll tell you a secret: the above is a mere very small visible top of a huge iceberg of the Club absurdly small staff everyday activities which you may witness in full at our site. We tend to keep our adepts suspended anticipating our fresh ideas. You are with us? Let’s go!

Tracing back life histories of your kin or acquaintances is possible through an  application form available here.

Leonid Roukman
World-Wide Club of Odessites


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